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From Senegal to Mozambique, from Guinea Bissau to Mauritania, from Tunisia to Ghana and Comeroon, and so on, communities living from artisanal fisheries show the same attachment to the sea and face the same challenges.

SIPA, initiated by the West African Network of Journalists for Responsible Fisheries (REJOPRAO), aims to tackle global fisheries issues by sharing local stories of fisheries stakeholders in Africa.

Most of the time, what is said or known about the African artisanal fisheries came essentially from the reports, analysis and statistics presented globally. SIPA aims to contribute to change this situation by putting human faces and names to the various issues of the artisanal fisheries sector in Africa.

As if to show that beyond statistics, generally unreliable, relayed almost everywhere, artisanal fisheries is above all men and women who are asking for a greater say.

Inoussa Maïga, President of REJOPRAO (2014-2017)

Twitter: @MaigaInou


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